Terms & Conditions

Anyone 13 years or older is allowed to register and use our website and the services we offer.

A personal profile page is being created automatically while you are registering your account.

Is your responsibility to use your real name and other information, Your name and other information will be visible to your friends and other members and visitors.

We do not share your personal information with anyone. We have the rights to terminate at any time any account without any prior notifications if we believe you are using our services in ways that damage our business.

You can create unlimited business pages, groups, and events for free.

We, Likeitordont.com, are not responsible for what you post share and create. It is your personal responsibility for the content you post share and crate in our website.

We have the rights to display advertisements created from our users and other advertisements from third parties.

We are not responsible for the content of this advertisements, so is your responsibility what you do when you click on this advertisements and get redirected on other websites.

Here at likeitordont.com we offer an unique advertising program, we hire advertisers from all around the world through a referral system, our hired advertisers have many privileges such as big discounts and credits, they also profit small amounts of money from every ad placed from advertisers that have joined through his own referrals.

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